Firefighter from Dräger Safety

Firefighter Game Description

You are at the front line of a major firefighting incident. A massive fire is beginning to sweep through the building. Test your firefighting skills and judgment as you work to extinguish the flames within the allocated 3 minute time period. The more of the building you can manage to save, the higher your score.

Firefighter Game Instructions

Your Firefighter is controlled using the mouse. Move the mouse in any direction and the Firefighter will follow. Pressing the mouse button will turn on the water hose.

The lower portion of the screen displays the following information:

  • Fire Surveillance: this tool gives you a view of the entire scope of the fire, allowing you to be aware of hotspots and where the fire is taking hold beyond your field of vision.
  • Level & Time Remaining: here you can see which of the 20 firefighter levels you are currently battling on.  The time shows you the amount of time remaining to battle this fire and complete the current level.
  • Score: this displays your current Score.
firefighter control screen

Firefighter Control Screen






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